Want to Apply for a Credit Card? This is the Easy Way

Having a fixed monthly income will facilitate you in the process of applying for a credit card. Banks will more easily calculate your financial capability if you have a fixed income. If you are an employee, the process of applying for a credit card will be easier because besides you have a fixed income, your address is clearly printed on the paycheck and the bank can easily conduct a survey.


Fill out the Submission Form Clearly and Honestly

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The steps that must be taken to apply for a credit card is to fill out the submission form. This form contains your personal and financial information. All of this must be filled in clearly, completely and honestly because if the form is not filled in accordance with the wishes of the bank, then the possibility of your submission will be accepted is small. Never lie in filling out forms, because if you find out it will be increasingly difficult to apply again.


Apply at the Mall

Apply at the Mall

The process of applying for a credit card will be easier if done at the mall booth because each marketing will get a commission for each new customer. Therefore they will be happy to guide you so that you are less likely to make a misstep.

After knowing how, you also need to know what to watch for when you want to start the process of applying for a credit card. Here are some things that need to be known.

Documents that need to be met to apply for a credit card, ie

1. Photocopy of identification (KTP / SIM / Passport)

2. Photocopy of NPWP

3. Photocopy of family card

4. Original salary slip


Types of Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Another thing you need to know before applying for a credit card is the types of credit cards. There are several types of credit cards that are divided based on the limit, viz

1. Silver / Regular

This silver or regular credit card is the most basic type. Users are those who have an income of under 5 million dollars per month. This type of credit card has a maximum limit of around 5 million dollars. The targets of this type of credit card are employees, civil servants, beginner professionals, and young entrepreneurs. The silver card has the cheapest fees.

2. Gold

This gold credit card is a type of card one level higher than silver or regular cards. Silver card owners who have good transactions and payments will usually get offers to upgrade to a gold card automatically. This type of card has a limit of more than 5 million dollars. And the owner of this card must have an income of around 5-10 million dollars per month. Gold type cards have higher fees than silver.

3. Platinum

Platinum cards are the topmost caste of credit cards. The target of this type of card is the upper middle segment, such as bosses, civil servants, office heads, entrepreneurs, professionals. Many advantages are given by platinum cards that are not owned by other types of cards, such as airport lounges, etc. The owner of this type of card generally has an income of more than 10 million dollars. The limit is the biggest compared to the others, which is around hundreds of millions of dollars and the fees are also the most expensive.

4. Specials

The credit card that cooperates with the merchant and produces the special merchant edition card. Usually these cards have special promotions and programs on cards with certain merchants. The fees of this card vary according to the specified limit.

This is a glimpse of information about how to apply, general requirements, and types of credit cards. Hope this helps you in applying for a credit card. Good luck!

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